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2011-06-22 Adnaco Technology introduces The Second Generation USB 3.0 over fiber optic systems

BURNABY, BC, June 22, 2011 – Adnaco Technology Inc., a global leader in PCI Express over fiber optic technology, has launched the Second Generation of isolated USB systems (Adnaco-S3A) based on its PCI Express Gen2 over fiber optic technology. The Adnaco-S3A offers isolated USB 3.0 communication at full bandwidth (5GT/s) of the PCIe Gen2 at a lower cost. The systems can operate with single-mode or multi-mode cable and transceivers which allow the systems to use a fiber optic cable up to a few hundred meters.
The Adnaco-S3A systems consist of PCIe host adapter (Adnaco-H1A) and remote USB 3.0 root hub port (host controller: Adnaco-R1USB30) connected by a fiber optic cable. The Adnaco-H1A PCIe 5GT/s Gen 2 Host Adapter Card provides an interface between a host computer PCIe bus and a fiber optic cable. Two versions of the remote Adnaco-R1USB30 are offered – an OEM version (without the enclosure) and a fully equipped version including an AC/DC power supply and the Adnaco-R1USB30 in an aluminum enclosure.
Powered by Adnaco PCIe over-fiber-optic technology, the R1USB30 was designed to suit many applications with the USB host interface. The R1USB30 provides 2 USB Root Hub Ports compliant with the USB 3.0 specification. All USB 3.0 ports can handle the following interfaces:
• Super-Speed (5.0 Gb/s)
• High-Speed (480 Mbps)
• Full-Speed (12 Mbps)
• Low-Speed (1.5 Mbps)
The optical isolation and long cable, allows the system integrator to use the system in applications where equipment has to be isolated from the computer, or equipment has to operate under harsh environmental conditions.
The key feature of the Adnaco PCI Express over fiber optic technology, is it’s unique ability to access remote devices transparently without compromising performance over long cables.
The Adnaco expansion system is transparent to software applications and drivers, so industry standard desktop computers and servers can communicate with remote devices with no additional programming.
The Adnaco-S3A is available for order in production quantities.
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