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2008-05-22 World’s first and only PCIe Over-Fiber-Optic Extension passes PCI-SIG Compliance Tests

BURNABY, BC – Adnaco Technology, the pioneer of PCIe over-fiber-optic technology, announced today that Its “Adnaco-Sirius™ Product Family” passed the PCI-SIG Compliance Tests at the PCI-SIG Compliance Workshop #59 held in Milpitas, California.  Adnaco-Sirius is the first commercially-available product which extends PCIe over-fiber-optic well beyond today’s copper cable limit of a few meters.

The Adnaco-Sirius was tested for interoperability with over 80 products from various vendors, including products designed according to PCIe 1.0a, 1.1 and 2.0.  Some of these products included: PCIe Gen2 Switches, PCIe Expansion Chassis Over Cable, Graphics Cards, Storage Cards, Wireless Adapters, Ethernet Gigabit Network Adapters, Infiniband Host Bus Adapters, and Hardware Encryption Accelerators among others.  The Adnaco-Sirius architecture can also be used for other legacy interconnects including PCI, PCI-X, 1394b, and USB 2.0, creating new possibilities for applications like Graphics, Imaging Processing, Data Acquisition, Industrial, Medical and Military.

The Adnaco-Sirius unique architecture, based on off-the-shelf components, provides Hardware Engineers, Software Developers and System Integrators a scalable, high-bandwidth, electrically-isolated, and long distance connection with the benefits of very low cost and the ability to enable convergence through the re-use of a common interconnect technology.  The Adnaco-Sirius has brought the System Bus out of the PC, splitting the Chassis in local and remote, opening a new way of communication for local networking. 

With this seal of approval from the PCI-SIG organization, Adnaco customers can be certain that their new designs (based on the Adnaco-Sirius technology) will be fully compatible with the PCIe Gen2 standard.  At the Workshop, Adnaco was able to demonstrate how, by using the Adnaco-Sirius solution, any standard PCIe card can transparently operate over fiber optic at very long distances.

Adnaco Technology, a member of PCI-SIG (the 800+ member industry association responsible for developing and maintaining PCI Express, PCI-X and PCI I/O standards), is focused on the development of revolutionary low-cost, transparent PC Chassis extension solutions and the new applications they enable.  Adnaco is already in full production of PCIe, PCI, USB over-fiber-optic extension products.  The Company’s Development Team has core competency and an outstanding track record in designing advanced embedded systems for marine radars, industrial precision measurement systems, high-speed and multi-channel data acquisition systems, telecom test equipment and medical devices.

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